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Dear customers and friends, Welcome to the realm of traditional
Bulgarian cuisine - restaurant "Murafeti." Immerse yourself in the unique home
atmosphere in the city center. Our chefs will prepare
grilled specialties on wood charcoal by traditional Bulgarian recipes, before your very eyes.
The famous orchestra Murafeti will see for your good mood.

Drinks - a wide selection of Bulgarian brand wines and brandies (rakia).

Traditional Bulgarian Grill - pork, chicken, veal, lamb and horse meat of proven Bulgarian producers, prepared and seasoned in our cutting plant by our master chefs.

Upon request we can also prepare various specialty dishes, characterized by the authentic taste of homemade food by traditional Bulgarian recipes, such as:
Roast lamb Georgyovski
Lamb barbecue
Pig roast in the oven
Turkey with cabbage
Stuffed carp
Rabbit in the oven
Muddy stew of different meats
Calf's head with tripe
Rabbit in a pot
Beef tails in a pot
Various wild fish, grilled or oven-baked.

Restaurant "Murafeti"
Reservations: +359 885 839 138